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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Disney Holiday Classics: Mickey’s Christmas Carol & Winnie the Pooh Very Merry Pooh Year


I got the wonderful opportunity to review both 
Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh for Christmas.
They each have their own special Christmas DVD/Blue Ray specials.
As for Mickey Mouse well it's a 30th anniversary edition 
of Disney Mickey's Christmas Carol.
Each edition comes in DVD and Blue Ray.
This edition has been digitally remastered.
When I knew I was going to be reviewing these classics, it brought me back to when I was a child.
I remember when it was around Christmas time and my grandmother would bake some Christmas treats and would give me some while I would watch the Christmas cartoons.  And there would be Mickey's Carol playing, I remember very well because it would play every year. 
Even as an adult I would catch it on TV 
and still take a look at it when I would have time.
 Mickey Mouse has always been a favorite of mine.

Even my children , they have grownup on Mickey Mouse also.
In this DVD/Blue Ray edition you get 5 extra bonuses animated shorts.
Which I thought were really neat and fun to watch.
-All new Yodelberg
-The hockey champ
-Pluto's Christmas tree
-The art of skiing
-Corn chips

There is even a French version which I loved because we are a French family but funnily I blog in English.
Mainly because I do not want to lose my English.

Then there's Winnie the pooh who's such a nice and giving guy.  
How can you not love this sweet honey of a bear.
  After watching this cartoon, which I really enjoyed, oh yes even at the age of 50, I still enjoy cartoons.
If they are well made and they have a message, I will enjoy them.
I remember when I was younger, my mom had bought both Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh  plushes.
I was so happy, I would take them everywhere with me.
I sure did cuddle those plushies.

You see nowadays cartoon are way too violent, I had one child that I babysit say that Mickey Mouse is a for girls, that he'd rather watch the cartoons like south park, and he's only 4 years old.
Sometimes I wonder what is this world coming to.

What I also love about those 2 dvd's is that they tell a story of giving and friendship.
That it is better to be with your friends then to be filled with gifts and money and be alone.
The message is very clear even the children that watch can understand.

In this DVD/Blue Ray, there in a French version included
There are some Pooh-rific nonus goodies included.  That is for you to discover.

I'm telling you with these 2 movies, your little ones will love you for bringing these home.
And why not sit with them and just spend some family time together.
You will enjoy the movie just as much as them.
And the best part is that they will want to watch it again and again. So it's a good investment.
And these are great cartoons, these are what I call PAC,.(Parent Approved Cartoons).

So let me know if you had a fun time watching these movies with you little ones
just so we can know who else had fun.

 I know we don't usually do child products, but this is for Christmas and  it will be probably women buying them. And I'm a grandma now so I'll be buying stuff like that so  little exception here and there, what the heck, right?
This definitely gets a 10 on Women-Prenuer Galore

Thanks so much to all who stopped by for this post.

Have a very good day.

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