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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Wild Chid Gardens Products Review and Giveaway

Wild Child Gardens 


Welcome everyone.
Today I want to introduce to you a very nice lady whose name is Mary.
Maria owns a very nice shop on Etsy that goes by the name of
Maria makes wonderful Ouchies gift baskets.
First of all, these baskets are weaved using salvaged remnants 
from her other sewing projects.So each basket is unique.
Maria says just like everyone of us.
Maria sent me this Ouchie gift basket so
 I could review it and tell you guys what you've been missing. lol...
You guys know how much I love handmade, Eco-friendly and organic products.?
I think I have it all right here.

So here's what's inside this wonderful bag.

There is a:

-  1 hot/cold pack

The hot/cold pack which smells divinely good.
These pack are filled with rice and lavender.  You can use them on light injuries, pamper yourself or after working out.  They can be microwaved or frozen to be hot/cold therapy pillows. The lavender scent is calming. These are securely triple stitched to be reused time and again.

-  1 oz chaparral salve

 I've been using it or a bad ankle.  I'm overweight and I turned my ankle last year and it is a  bit sensitive still.  With my weight it's still very sensitive when I walk but I will try anything to rub on my ankle to relieve the pain.  And I've been using the Chaparral salve to calm the inflammation and it seems to be helping quite a bit.

-  .5 oz original formula arnica oil

 Arnica montana has a long history of use for trauma type injuries. 
It may reduce pain, bruising & swelling.
 Sadly I have not had any chance to try this one.

- .5 oz icy heat arnica massage oil

 This is a combination of Arnica montana and juniper in an olive oil base.
Together when you create hot/cold sensation for added relief. Try it on your bumps and bruises, aches and pains and workout soreness. Also try it on thighs and cellulite problem areas Not for use on broken skin.*
I totally loved this oil.

-  1 package of 'Skin Emergency!

I have tried one bag of this wonderful skin emergency.
I'm keeping the other one for later. I'm calling this a home spa goody.
These little bags are great for sun burns, chicken pox, bug bites, hives, rashes, hemorrhoids, eczema, dry winter skin and the like.  I've got dry skin, so I tried this on my hands as directed.
I'll be getting more to try in my bath.
This product comes in cloth tea bags, which are steeped like tea. The cooled liquid is then applied to your skin (soft cloth, sponge, pouring). As skin is air dried, a soft powder coating will form to protect and heal your skin. Important: do not towel or wipe skin, air dry to allow coating to form and reapply as needed. For sun burns or other severely irritated skin, I suggest cooling the tea liquid in the fridge; the cold temperature will be especially soothing.

If you ever go shopping at Wild Child Gardens, 
you will see how wonderful Maria is to work with.

You can connect with Wild Child Gardens on
Facebook and Etsy.
You can buy an Ouchie Gift Basket HERE.

Maria is also offering a 10% off on all orders of $10 or more
This is only for Women-Prenuer Galore followers and fans.
Just use coupon code WOMENPRENUERS



WILL WIN AN Ouchies Gift Basket

Filled with Natural healing skin products

 US-CA, 18+

 I was given this sample in exchange of an honest review.
The opinions expressed here are 100% my own.
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