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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Alabu Soap Review and #sweepstake

Alabu Skin Care 

We all know skincare is important for every women and child and 
nowadays it's even important for men.
I also think it's important to be careful of what we use in the shower or bath.
All mothers are very careful of what they use on their babies and child.  So we should keep that instinct all  life long and only choose Eco-friendly and natural products for our most important organ, our skin.
When I was younger, around the age of 18, oh boy that was so long ago.  I was not very careful of what I use to wash myself with and I use to get very dry skin.  Imagine,  I use to wonder why.

But then I met a women who use to make her own skincare product, at that time, back in 1992 it was considered a bit weird when someone did these things.
In any case she slowly changed my way of seeing things in life and how to treat my body better.

Which brings me back to our review of the day.
If you want great and soft looking skin you need great products.
I had the opportunity to try some pretty awesome soaps from Alabu Skin Care.
They sent me 5 different soaps and 5 different skin care samples to try.

Here are the soaps I received:

Almond, Oat and Honey, Lavender Delight, Tea Tree and Baby Me.

When I received Alabu's package, which may I add arrived quite fast and was nicely packaged.
I immediately opened the package to discover their beautiful boxes of soaps.
I love the pretty boxes in which the soaps came in.
I immediately tried the Lavender Delight for a hand wash test.  The Lavender Delight is a moisturizing soap.
The smell was wonderful and the soap really lathered well.  I truly enjoyed the thick suds.
I also used it that night in the bath and I give it a 10.
The I also enjoyed Oats and Honey soap because of the softness of it.  It's a moisturizing and a soothing soap.  The smell is a bit more subtle.
Lathers really well and also has thick suds.
 The Almond soap is also a dream to use for me because of the smell.  It's a moisturizing soap.  I love to relax in the bath and then use the almond soap. You can then complete your bath time with the almond body lotion which they sell at Alabu's.  I luckily got to try the Almond body lotion's sample which Alabu sent me and I totally love it.  Got to admit I am an almond freak.
Then I tried the Tea Tree which is an ultra-moisturizing and soothing soap.  I am not very fond of this soap because of the smell, but I know that anything with Tea Tree in it is a good antiseptic.  So I'm using in in the kitchen.  It's sitting next to the kitchen sink so we can wash our hands and this way it can disinfect any cuts or bobos we have.

And last but not least, I tried the Baby ME soap.  Funny because I have no babies in the house.
But this soap is ultra-moisturizing.  I have very sensitive skin on my face so I've been using it on and off with my usual skincare cleanser in my cleansing routine morning and night.
And I've been noticing somewhat a softer skin.  In any case it can't be bad can it?.

All of Alabu's soap I've tried lather very well and have thick suds. It left my skin feeling sqeeky clean and soft but not dry.  I am quite impress.  I actually love the whole batch they sent me because they all are ultra or simply moisturizing and some are soothing.  Another thing I want to add which is quite important to me in soaps, is that after using some bars for more then 1 week or more, the bars are still quite large.  So they don,t just melt or disappear under the water after just a few uses like some soaps do.  So you really get your money's worth.
  Alabu also sells other soaps too.

Alabu Skin Care have been making soap since 1997.
They make natural soap with pure essential oils and goat’s milk in a base of olive, soybean, coconut, castor oil, cocoa butter and sodium hydroxide, and leave the skin feeling smooth and smelling fresh and clean.
More than 25% of the bar is made from Goat’s Milk – which is loaded with milk protein, vitamins A, B6, C and E – to promote healthy skin.
    Alabu also carries lotion bars, perfume sticks, bath blasts (fizzy bath powder), and a variety of lovely gift baskets. Visit their web site at for a fun read full of informative goat milk facts, stories and recipes.

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One Women-Prenuer Galore reader will win 
these 5 Alabu soaps
Oats and Honey, Lavender Delight, Tea Tree, Baby Me, Almond

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