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Monday, March 4, 2013

Hair Stix Review and Giveaway

Shaune Bazner / MEI FA Hairstyx® brand hair sticks 

Hello everyone, 
so sorry about this belated post, but I,ve been a bit under the weather so I was not able to sit at the computer and that is why I was MIA.
But I,ve got something really awesome for you guys today.

Have you girls heard about Shaune Bazner's Mei Fa Hair Stix?
Well I will speak for myself in this case when I say this:
Ever since I don't when, but for a very long long time, I've been seeing dancers mainly at the beginning and then working women and women in Asia.  They all had their hair up in a bun with only wooden sticks in their bun to hold it up.  That had always amazed me and I had always wondered how could a simple stick hold up a bunch of hair up.  I used to try with yarn needles, but it never worked.
And so I would use elastics and pins and combs too just suffer from broken hair and terrible headaches like all of you I would guess.
But that all changed when I got the opportunity to try the Mei Fa hair stix from Shaune Bazner.

Shaune Bazner is one of America’s leading fashion jewelry artists and innovators. She has been creating timeless jewelry and accessory designs that appeal to all styles, from the Los Angeles trendy to the DC conservative and the New York City chic.
Shaune created the original hairsticks by combining her worldly collection of beads with the idea of using chopsticks to secure her hair while teaching dance classes. She experimented with various shapes and sizes of sticks and finally developed the patented curve that is used today, branding them mei fa hairstyx®. "mei fa" is the Chinese phrase for "beautiful hair" or "beautiful method."
Shaune Bazner has been in business since 1978.

When I received my set of hair stix, it was like getting a Chirstmas present.
They were very well packaged and in their own little beautiful carrying case which comes with every hair stix purchase. 

I picked a Ying Yeng beads design for my hair stix. Aren't they beautiful?

And so was the time to try my new hairstyle.
and in just the time it took to do a bun and I placed my hair stix like they showed me in the video, I succeeded and my bun stayed in place all day.

You can make big, medium or smaller buns.  It's good with thin, thick long medium and short hair.
I have medium thickness, long hair. and it works great.
I love my hair stix and don't ever want to use anything else.

Watch this video to see how easy it is in 4 simple steps to use the Shaune Bazner Hair Stix.

Don't forget to connect with Shaune Bazner Hair Stix on Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and

Now you can try to win yourself your own pair of Hair Stix.

Open to US and Canada residents
Good Luck to all.

I was given this sample in exchange of an honest review.
The opinions expressed here are 100% my own. 
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