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Friday, March 15, 2013

Bluewater Seafood Gluten Free Product Review And Giveaway


When I was a little girl of about 8-12 years old, my father use to take me fishing with his father.
I remember having a lot of fun, catching some fish and some really awful sunburns.
My dad who only saw me a weekend on two, did not really think about applying sun lotions or putting a shirt on instead of leaving me in my bathing suit all day.
So my mom really threw a fit each time I came home.  She use to say I don't want you to go back.
But I use to love fishing and wanted to go back so much that she would give in.
And I would be in pain for the whole week that followed but that was ok, just as long as I could go back fishing.
I can still taste the the freshness of the fish we caught back then.

Of course today, I don't fish anymore, lack of time and places to fish.
And every one will tell you that fish bought at the grocery store is really not the same as freshly caught.

But recently I got to work with Blue Water Seafood, a company you probably all know, and tried one of their products.
I love haddock so I thought I would give these English battered fish fillets a try.

You know when you work all day, and you have to pick up the kids from the kinder garden, then you get stuck in traffic, it really doesn't leave you much time to get supper ready.
And to top it all off, you are really tired at the end of your day.
That's where Blue Water Seafood comes in.
They are so easy to make.  Simply preheat the oven and put them in for a about 20 or so minutes and turn them in mid cooking.  You get crispy fish fillet in a delicious batter. Simply serve with potatoes or rice and some green veggies and you are done.
As you can see I served mine with vegetable rice and come raw carrots and tomatoes.
The crispiness of the batter and the tenderness of the fish inside makes a great combo.  This fish is really great.  I have just one thing to say about this battered fish, it's a bit greasy.
So if you are watching your weight as I am right now, I would suggest to put it on a paper towel before serving so it catches some fat.  And not to eat it to often in a month.  But it's still a really good meal.
Blue Water Seafood has other types of battered fish such as fish burger fillets, beer batter fillets,
fish sticks, fish portions and more which you can find here.
They also have gluten free grilled fish. Which is something great for all the people out there suffering from UC, UBS,UBD, Crohn's disease, and other stomach disorders.
I find that is it great for a company to introduce in it's products a gluten free product for us people which suffer from a digestive disorder.
Actually I was suppose to do a review on a gluten free product, but my husband brought home the wrong fish product. so that's why I'M doing the review on the battered fish fillets.
But I'm doing the giveaway for a gluten free product coupon.

3 Canadians will each win one coupon to buy a Blue Water Seafood gluten free product and a sling bag 
(sorry US, more giveaways coming soon for you also)

I was given this Blue Water Seafood sample in exchange of an honest review.
The opinions expressed here are 100% my own. 
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