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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Top 20 Companies Women-Prenuer Galore Tips Her Hat To in 2012

The Companies I Tip My Hat To In 2012


You know that I've reviewed many companies over the past 4 years on Women-Prenuer Galore.
They were all great fun to review and all of them were really special and I did enjoy working with every one of them.  But I decided to do a top 20 to help you my readers to make smart buying choices in the year to come.  And I also did it for myself, see what I got out of it.
I did have to pick the ones that I really did like the most.

It was very hard to come up with a top 20. I had to narrow it down because it would have been a longer list. 
I based my choices on:

Communication between the sponsor and myself,
Was it easy to get the product shipped to me or not
Shipping time
Product quality
Possibility of working together again in the future
Am I still using the product
Will I be buying and using the product again
And to all those I've worked with I do hope we will work together again in the near future.
The list does not go from best to less best, as no 20 is the less best, I just named them as they came.

Each company that you click on will take you to the blog review I did and from there you can visit the company and purchase the product if you wish.  
Please leave a comment here and on the review if you liked either post or review.

And here we go:

1-Cureology, Hair products
2-Dermagist, Skincare
3-Lilywhite, Bath and Body and skincare products
4-Luminaze, skincare product
5-Ponderosa Coffee, Food products
6-Honeycat Cosmetics, Bath and Body products
6-Lala Soap, Bath and Body products
8-Tena Ultra Thin, feminine hygiene product
9-Noxicare, Medicinal Products
10-Oni Knife, Home Products
11-Nite Ize, Technology Products
12-Caprina, Bath Products
14-Cleopatra's Choice, Bath and Body products
15-Wilton Artisan Sea Glass Jewelry, Jewelry
16-Flexi Clip, Hair Accessories
17-Raw Gaia, skincare products
18-Woolzies, Home products
19-Bee Alive, skincare products
20-Green Virgin Products, Home Products

So here are the top 20, but still the other companies I reviewed have very good products but it's just that I wanted to do a top 20 this year and here it is. I'll be doing another next year if God permits me to go on.  But it's you my readers that keep me going on.
With th said I wish you a happy Sunday and a very good week to come,
Thanks for stopping by and checking out this list.

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