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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Power Of A flower Review And Giveaway

Good morning, grab your cup of coffee and sit right down.  Also wrap yourselves in a warm blanket this morning cause it's really cold.

Today I will be writing about a wonderful skincare I just discovered.  It has a beautiful name also.
It's called Power of a Flower.

You see in the picture to your left the products I got to try for the past 2 weeks.

Power of a Flower was created to offer superior and affordable skincare, free of chemicals and created with all natural and organic ingredients all provided by mother nature.
Skincare is a great way to pamper your senses.  

Power of a Flower used essential oils, herbs, oats, nuts, butters and clays which will stimulates skin circulation, improve elasticity, tone skin, combat wrinkles support, nurture and repair throughout its many life cycles.

Here's a bit more on the products I tried.

This mild astringent has apple cider in it and some alcohol.  It is very refreshing.  I loved using it and it felt great on my face.  I have had no acne break outs while using it.
This Refreshing Toner tones and lifts the skin.  It helps prevent bacterias associated with acne.  Natural regenerative properties promoting circulation and aiding in gently breaking down tough skin.
By having a T Zone on my face, I'M always amazed at how much my face soaks up the oil I put on it.  It just drinks it all up.  And I get no acne or pimples at all.  I always thought that having some greasy skin meant to never put oil on it.  Boy was I ever wrong.  My skin is so dehydrated.  It just drinks it all up.
I love this Regenerating Oil.
It's packed with pure flower essentials to accelerate the skin's natural repair process.  minimize pigmentation and inflammation and to restore elasticity to your skin.
This healing hand balm, is something awesome.  I just adored this balm.
It made my hands really soft and smooth.  My hands get really dry and I always need to put on hand cream or lotion about 10 times a day to keep them really hydrated.  But with this Healing Hand Balm, I only need to put it on a few times.
It not only moisturize, it also protects from the elements.
I loved their lip balm, and deliciously soft on my lips.
Loaded with the healing herbs of calendula, this lip balm will strengthen and repair the delicate tissues of the lips.  You will love it also.  It's rich and thick, a great consistency.

Now for the giveaway

5 followers of this blog will win a Facial Kit each.
 US only
 a Rafflecopter giveaway 

I was given this sample in exchange of an honest review.
The opinions expressed here are 100% my own. 
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