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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Top All Natural Products for Stress Management

 If you feel stressed or have anxiety in your life, I know I suffer from anxiety
take time to read this and visit the link at the end of this post
it is highly interesting and could be very helpful to those of us suffering from anxiety disorders or panic attacks.

Life is indeed challenging.  Each person’s level of stress differs, and we have unique ways of coping with our own hurdles.  Stress levels, when not managed properly can affect all aspects of living – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and social.  For this very reason, we should never take it for granted.  Thus, searching for alternatives for a better lifestyle keeps our productivity high.  Below is a short description of the top 5 products for you to remain calm despite the pressure.

1. Mindsoothe

Mindsoothe is an herbal remedy that is good not only for relieving stress but also in lessening the anxiety level that comes along.  This is a very safe product for people who need anxiety help when their negative issues become seemingly unmanageable.  The active ingredients of this product are St. John’s wort and passion flower, potent herbs used for hundreds of years to relieve nervous tension.  Unlike the typical prescription drug, it’s not habit forming and has been proven not to have side effects too.   Take note though, that you cannot use it as an alternative to any medicine.

2.  The Body Shop Aromatherapy Products

The Body Shop has been in the business of providing us with all-natural body products for years now.  The brand is internationally acclaimed and is highly trusted.  Since all of their aromatherapy line has not been tested on animals, we have assurance on how effective their products are.  Here are their aromatherapy essentials:  bath care, essential oils, sleeps well body mist, sleep well massage oil, calming body butter and a two ball massager.  What a perfect way to end your day! 

3. Twinings Chamomile Tea

The fact that Twinings have provided us with quality teas for years give us more reason to rely on the fact that their chamomile tea is one good reason to enjoy life.  Chamomile has so many known health benefits.  Stress relief is merely one of the best health benefits that this wonderful flower so generously offers us.  A cup or two of this delicious beverage is bursting with antioxidants too, so not only do you have a clearer head; you get instant detoxifying as well.  

4. The Genie Head Massager

This simple-looking and very affordable massager works amazingly for those who are stuck with paperwork in the office.  Imagine yourself stressed out, thinking too much in the office, having a headache all the time…it just truly seems to get you nowhere, right?  Not anymore.  You can bring this handy massager with you.  When you feel like work has consumed much of your brain, take a few minutes off and use this handy tool.  The gentle massage will instantly brighten up your mood.  

5. GNC Melatonin 10

Sleep deprivation can be caused by stress.  Once you find it difficult to fall asleep, there is no need to rush to the doctor to ask for medication.  Most sleeping pills can, in the long run, be harmful to your body because of the side effects that it will give you.  When you are in the early stages of your insomnia, taking melatonin as a supplement is a great alternative.  Melatonin is one of the best natural supplements for people with mild insomnia.    

When you take stress for granted, you might end up getting more burned out.  What’s worse is that you might have to spend more for your health.  It’s never a great idea to keep on working for more money, and then just spend it all to buy health. Now that you have better choices to fight off stress, it wouldn’t hurt if you try them out or maybe one of them to see for yourself. Remember, an ounce of prevention is always better than a pound of cure. 

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