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Monday, April 2, 2012

Franks Red Hot Sauce Review and Giveaway

If you enjoy your foods with an extra spicy, tangy and hot taste to it.
Then I've got the right condiment for you.
I've been tasting Frank's Red Hot sauces lately and I am in love. We don,t have these here  in Quebec, Canada.  Or I am blind cause I never saw them at my supermarket up north where I live.
Yummy.  I love my food with some tangy taste in it.  And Frank's Red Hot sure does the trick.
I have added it to my pizza, my scrambled eggs and my soup this weekend and wow!
It really adds taste to most everything. Not too much, not too little, just enough.
I did have time to try a recipe.  And tried the 

But I hardly had time to put the dish on the table that everybody jumped in it and devoured it.
So I never had time to take a picture.  I am very sorry about that.  Let me tell you that this dip recipe is not for the people that are counting calories.  Oh no, it is very rich but so very tasty, it is made with cream cheese and ranch dressing, and mozzarella cheese.  But OMG, it's soooooo ooooey delicious.  Believe me.
I put my diet on hold to try this recipe.  I had prepared some soft tortillas and had them toasted in the oven, cut them in wedges and it was heavenly.  And we had vegetables sticks and some corn crackers with that also.  In a matter of 1/2 hour the dip dissapeared.  It's a great game meal to prepare for the boys.  My family was very happy that I had to do this review. 
Here is the picture from the Frank's Red Hot recipe website

The people at Frank's Red Hot had sent me 3 bottles for me to try.

2-Sweet Chili

I had time to try as you can see, the Original and the Sweet Chili this weekend.
But I intend to try the Thick this week.
I don't really have a favorite since the Original I've used on a lot of food I ate so far, and the sweet chili I've used in the dip and it gave it a sweet taste everyone loved.  And I intend to use it as a dip very soon.
I also love to make Greek style potatoes and add some spicy sauce to it so imagine next time I make them Greek potatoes, I'll have my Original sauce to add to them before baking and the thick one for dipping. How divine.

If you want to buy your own Frank's Red Hot Sauce go to their website here
There are many more types of sauces to choose from when you visit their website and you'll also find great recipes to try with these great sauces.
I know that I'll be trying many more recipes of theirs.  I just need to make more time.

Now for the good news:  
One lucky winner will win a bottle of his or her choice 
of Frank's Red Hot.

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