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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Chair Dancing Review and Giveaway

Good morning all, hope you guys 
are feeling good on this chilly morning.
I'm feeling great, so sit right down with your hot chocolate or cup of coffee or tea and relax while I 
will tell you about a wonderful exercise DVD I've had the opportunity to try out and am still using to get in shape.  It's called Chair Dancing.

You all know that I've had 3 major back surgeries and that I cannot walk for more then 10 minutes at a time or stand for too long either.  So exercising for me is pretty hard.  So when I got the opportunity to try these DVD's of Chair Dancing, I was really ecstatic.  I still have to be careful of my back movements and what I do but for the arms and the legs and the overall exercises I mean it is wonderful to move and be able to get my body in shape this way.
They shoe you how to do every exercise and it's really no complicated at all, I mean everyboday can do it.
If I was able to follow you will to.
If you are overweight and can't walk for long periods at a time or you have bad backs or your joints are painful, then this is for you.  And this is great for older people that cannot exercise as much as they use too.  There is no impact on your back or your joints.
But like all exercises you should consult with your doctor just in case.
Believe me, you can get as much a workout as you want to with these chair dancing workouts DVD's 
I sweated with these, oh yeah! Well it's probably because I'm a bit overweight also, but it felt good to burn some calories, cause you will be burning some calories with these exercises. 
You will also learn to do some relaxing also.
You can buy these great Chair Dancing DVD'S here at $19.95.

Watch a few scenes on this video.

But now you can win your own Chair Dancing DVD on Women-Prenuer Galore

One reader of my blog will win the Life's a celebration chair dancing DVD.

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