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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Kicking Horse Coffee Review and Giveaway

Good morning everyone.
Are you like me in the morning?

If I haven't had that first cup of coffee, I'm in no talking mood and I'm kind of grouchy.
And don't give me those weak commercial coffees they sell everywhere. They just don't cut it for me.
I'm quite a coffee addict also and I simply love a good cup of coffee.

I'm not gonna be naming brands here but...
I need my coffee to be strong and with some built in character.  It needs to great tasting too.
It needs to give me some ooomph! to start me up.
Well I've found that coffee in Kicking Horse Coffee.
Made in BC. Canada, this Tasty, Organic Fair Trade coffee has been around since 1996 and growing ever since.  The owners, Leo Johnson and Elana Rosenfeld started their company in their garage back then and have grown into a bigger company but are still based in the same small town.
They are now Canada's no 1 organic Fair Trade coffee company. 
Kicking Horse offers a wide variety of different blends of organic Fair Trade coffee, organic Fair Trade Indian Chai and loads of other great items.
Kicking Horse also believes in community involvement and here are a few of the many groups they are involved in:

They are also now the largest Fair Trade roasters in Canada,
All their coffee is 100% Certified Fair Trade and 100% Certified Organic.
Fair trade benefits the farmer by guarantying him a better price for his coffee, bringing him an economic stability and a higher standard of living.  It benefits the coffee lover by giving him or her the 
option to buy according to principles and values.
All Kicking Horse Coffee comes from Arabica beans that have been grown in a bird friendly environment.
Has also been grown under a light canopy of varied vegetation at high altitudes creating a superior coffee cherry (bean) and a more resilient ecosystem. 
When buying a Kicking Horse coffee product you know you're doing the earth a world of good.

The people at Kicking Horse are also giving away one
can of Kick Ass, KHC gift bag and brochure, a value of $13.99

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