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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Angel 9 Shop Review And Giveaway

Good morning all, welcome to Women-Prenuer Galore.
Sit right down and relax while I talk about another fun shop from Etsy.

Today we'll be discovering Angel 9 shop owned by lovely lady Angela.
Angela makes the most original work in her sweet shop.  She actually makes wedding bouquets out of beautiful buttons. She also sells jewelry and vintage.  But what really attracts me to her shop are her wedding bouquets, bridal toss bouquets, bridesmaids, flower girls, proms, custom made button bouquets.
She also makes centerpieces.

Yes, you heard me right. buttons.  And they are the most beautiful bouquets I,ve seen with buttons of course.
Now that's a great idea.  No more wilted flowers, or what about those women who are allergic to flowers. Now they have another choice then silk flowers.  Now they can be awesomely original and be like no one else at their wedding this year.  Just call on Angela from Angel 9 and order your own OOAK button wedding bouquet and be the bride that everyone will envy you because of that super original button wedding bouquet.  And at the same time she recycles some beautiful buttons too.

She doesn't only make them in white but also in any super contrasting color you wish for.
She also makes her bouquets for any holiday or seasons you want to.

I've asked Angela a few questions, just wanting to get to know her a bit better, 
let's see what she had to say.

Name: Angela Di Cicco

From: Originally from Phila, PA, now in Maryland.

Who or What inspires me: Inspiration is all around. When I go to a craft store and see all the holiday decorations or go to the mall and look at the displays, I want to run home to create all the ideas in my head!

My daughter came to me wanting me to make the button bouquet for her wedding, so she is the inspiration behind those.

What made you start your shop? The positive feedback I received from the bouquets for her wedding inspired me to sell my craft. I needed to replace my full-time job and someone told me about etsy.

How long have you been crafting with buttons and how long have you been selling it? Began crafting the summer of 2010 and began selling in Oct, 2010. So, almost a year.

What are your favorite materials to work with? I'm really enjoying buttons and have been inspired to make jewelry as well! I also enjoy crocheting and the soft textures of yarn. Glitter! I enjoy creating wreaths from silk flowers. I'm very tactile so texture is important to me.

Name a few Etsy Crafters that inspire you?
Felt by Gina creates wonderful felted items. I'm in awe of some of the photographers. And the artists that work with wood like 265 design create such beautiful things from something natural. Some of the wedding bouquets are gorgeous! They push me to create unusual button bouquets!

What do you do when you’re not being an artist?
I'm usually in school! I read whenever I can. And I'm a writer. I have so many interests and most of them are creative.

What activities do you enjoy?
hiking, reading, crocheting, dancing, writing, photography, painting, decorating, sharing ideas with friends, entertaining, spending time with my family, shopping!

Which item in your shop did you enjoy making the most and why?

Mmmm. I always enjoy the holiday items. I loved making the Halloween "Boo" Button bouquet here:

Are there other places on the net we can find you?!/angelasartistic/status/91920566143033345

Any advice you'd like to give any crafters that are reading?

Be patient with yourself and the process. Some folks seem to have immediate sales while others take some time. Market a lot! I market 3-4 hours a day when I'm working on my biz full-time. Continue to learn not only your craft, but as much as you can about marketing on the internet.
Angela graciously accepted to giveaway a beautiful
 Wedding button toss bouquet

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