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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sister Devout Book by author Matthew Sprange Review and Giveaway

I've got a great book for you guys today
I've just finished reading this book titled "Sister Devout" by this great author  named Matthew Sprange.

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I totally loved this book, it is a real page turner, it's a science-fiction and fantasy genre.

Product Description

It is the closing years of the twelfth century. Saladin has reconquered the Kingdom of Jerusalem, and the holy city is once more in the hands of the Saracen. Heresies and sorcery rot Europe from within, while the nobles quarrel and bicker. Even the church is falling prey to this corruption. The world must be saved, through any means necessary. No enemy, no sorcery, no doubt and no fear will prevent the monks of the Order from carrying out the Will of God.

A young and devout girl, Kaelyn Bright is inducted into a secret order of the Catholic Church in the 13th Century. Charged with defending the ordinary man against the supernatural, she will be aided by two other members of the Order - Tranter and Ember. Her personal feelings towards both of them become increasingly confused as they join forces to battle corruption within the Church of Rouen, and the true nature of her duties become apparent. Headed by the Archbishop of Rouen, once a knight in the Crusades, a coven is seeking to claim power throughout Europe by raising an army of pure evil, an act in contravention of all laws of God.
My take on the book 
 Like I said, this is a page turner from beginning to end. The main character whom is named Kaelyn, starts out in this book as a little girl who is very young and who's parents have died.  So she is brought up by a priest, and then is transfered to live with sisters to become one of them and learn the ways of battle and deepen her devotion to God. Battle wise, then train very hard.  She has something special but she doesn't know it yet. Until one day when she is around 18 years old, she is brought to the secret order of the Catholic Church. She will learn with others like her to defend the rest of the world against supernatural and evil forces that want to rule the world and fight against God. They are soldiers of God.  So Kaelyn and her tutor Tranter and Ember who has joined them because she was traveling near their route, will fight together and destroy evil forces together.  Kaelyn will discover her inner forces that drive her to do her work.  The work that these 3 have got to do is not always easy, but it has to be done. They are after much worse then witches, you'll see.
I must warn you there are a bit of explicit and descriptive scenes in this book, if you are a bit sensitive, you might want to refrain.  But otherwise it's a fantastic book. I thought it was very well researched also. Because there was some scenes of tortures that was described, that I was wondering where did he get all that? Did they do all these things? And there are all those fight scenes, you almost feel like you are there with them.
And he described what they wore, the places they went, I really felt like I was with them, but yet it did not take me out of the book.
You know those authors that describe on and on and on, that you just put the book down?
Not this book, just enough description to motivate you through.
Naturally I loved the end.
I give this book a 5 stars

you can buy the book here at Amazon US
and at Amazon UK.

 Now for the giveaway

One lucky winner will get the chance to win an e-book of Sister Devout

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