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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cord Cover From Mama Melly MArtin Shop Reivew and Giveaway

Good Afternoon and happy Sunday.
Welcome to Women-Prenuer Galore for another fun review.

Today I'll be reviewing Mama Melly Martin's shop which
is owned by a very fine lady named Melinda.
Melinda sews some fine looking and practical cord covers of all colors for your every needs.
She makes them from 3 foot to 18 foot but I'm pretty certain that she'll make them custom just for you if you need them longer.  You have a choice of 2 closures, elastic or tied with a bow.
There are many uses for a cord cover, to cover up the chain and wire of a hanging lamp, those ugly computer wires behind your desk, any loose wire you find unattractive and fit it to your room's decoration, you can use them for whatever you feel like.

She also sells vintage items such as these decanter glass jars.
She also sells photography that you can download digitally.
Her work is very precise so you will not be disappointed when you receive your order.
Her feedbacks are all 100%.  I learned about Melinda, that she quit her corporate job to be home with her 2 wonderful kids and that she home schools them and so she started her Etsy shop to pay the bills. So when you buy from her you help support her family.  The funny thing is that it's her husband that thought her to sew, which he had learnt from his mother.  He is very supportive of her.
Ain't that wonderful? Don«'t you all wish our husband were more like that?

Now let's see what Melinda had to say in this small interview I had with her.

ame? Melinda Martin

Where are you from? Montalba, TX (3rd blacktop road on the left, just past the big second oak tree. For real, lol.)

What made you decide to start making your cord covers and go into business? Short version: I’m a stay at home mom who needed an avenue to add income to our home. Since I homeschool, it was impossible for me to work outside of the home.

What is your biggest challenge in your business? I’m a perfectionist, so I obsess over getting all the details just right. Those sugar cubes by my vintage canning jar beverage pitcher and the wooden blocks in my kaleidoscope photo didn’t get there by accident. I take roughly 40 pictures of each item, just to wind up with 5 that will be selectable. Oh, and I’m home with my kids all day!

What is your typical day like? My husband leaves at 5 a.m. to go to work. I put the coffee maker on an automatic timer, so he has fresh coffee to start his day at 5, and I have some when I wake up at 8. My kids are late sleepers, so I usually drink my coffee and work on my Etsy treasuries until 10. It usually takes me at least an hour to build a treasury, because I am so selective in my photos and products and the photo placement within the treasury. Here are a list of the treasuries I’ve built ( If I have new items to photo, I usually go outside around 11 for good lighting and warmer temps. Feed the kids, help with schoolwork, do other Mommy stuff, check my Etsy 50 million times (I believe in fast communication), and make sure the house is in a presentable order for when my husband comes home around 2. He works at a prison, and sometimes his days are very stressful, so I like to present a somewhat calm and clean environment for him to relax in. I fill him on my day, and he fills me in on his. He plays with the kids while I do whatever I need to do, and then we have a family dinner and just relax as a family. I have a great life!

When you're not being an artist, what activities do you enjoy? I have been teaching myself piano and music theory for the last year and a half, so I play my old, I mean vintage, 1945 Baldwin piano for at least an hour each day while my son is doing his schoolwork. All of this sitting down sewing and playing piano has started to cause some funny nerve reactions in my leg, so now I workout on the Wii every day (mostly). With spring quickly approaching, I will be outdoors until the Texas heat kicks in around June.

Where can we find you on the net? My etsy shop is, and I am a big Facebooker.

Any advice for the crafters who might want to go into business? Make sure you have a supportive family who doesn’t mind the house being in a constant state of disarray. If you are not selling a unique item, then try to make your photos and your descriptions as unique as possible. Customer service should be your number one priority. I had a lady request a specific, extremely hard to find hymn for a hymn art selection. I had to buy the hymnal book, which cost more than what I sold the hymn art for. (The customer doesn’t know all of that. I didn’t want to make her feel bad.) The plus side is I have a very, very happy customer, a very, very happy customer’s mama on her birthday, and it’s a great hymn book full of good old gospel music. Never tell a customer no, unless there is just no possible way. Always be honest about your ability, but if it’s within your reach to make a customer happy, then do it. Sometimes that may even mean finding another reputable seller to give the customer what she wants. Has anyone seen Miracle on 34th street? Classic example.

Thank you Melinda for being with us today.

That's not all folks,

Melinda is also giving away a

Cord Cover Up, 12 Foot, Custom Your Choice of Color and End Closures


Here's what you have to do to win this.

Ends  March 22nd  midnight
Us and Canada

Please leave your email address in your comment so I can reach you. You'll have 48 hours to reply to my email to claim your prize, if you don't I'll have to pick another winner.

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Thanks and good luck to everyone
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