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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Squinkies review and giveaway

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So now you have an idea of what's a Squinkie.
Be Ready, because it's gonna be the present that all young kids 
will be asking for Christmas 2010.

 Luckily I got to review some cool Squinkies of my own, and I must admit
that I had a lot of fun with these little toys.  Wish my kids were young again.
But they are teenagers now and they kind of looked at me in a weird way when thay found out I was to review Squinkies at my age..
So I asked my girlfriend and her 5 year old to come over and we had a party,actually we had a ball with the
Squinkies.  They are some cats, dogs, babies, little girls, boys, pony, pigs, monkeys and more.
And they are soft and squishy and you can even bounce them off the floor and they bounce back up.
I tried it with a little pig, it came back up like a rubber ball. But I would not try it with all of them as they go in totally different directions.  My girlfriend's daughter had so much fun with the little critters, she kept squishing & squashing them in her hands and after that she played for hours with them on the table like she would with an ordinary doll, only these were smaller.  They also have holes on the bottom so children can put them on pencil tips.
I myself kept 3 on top of my computer, they were so cute, I kept a green pig, a pony and a kitten on a cushion.  I tell you , this is the next craze for kids,
They come with accessories too, ::
-A cupcake surprise bake shop which comes with some more squinkies.
-The gumball surprise playhouse, comes with more squinkies.
-Gumball surprise playset.
-Teatime Surprise palyset.
-Bracelets and ring sets.
-Palace surprise and more.

And of course some different Squinkie collections for you to shop from.
You can make your collection grow bigger and bigger.

Here is where you can buy these wonderful Squinkies.:

Now if you think that's great , I am giving away a set of Squinkies to one of my readers
to start your own collection, maybe you have someone in your family that woul love
to get some Squinkies.

Here's how you can win a Squinkie set.

Must be US and Canada residents and must be 18 years old.
Please leave your email address in your comment sections if there are no email , how can I reach you, therefore; no email= no winner

This giveaway ends Sept 25th midnight.

1- Visit Squinkie website
  and  let me know which is your favorite collection. (Mandatory) 

For extra entries

2- Subscribe to my blog by mail and never miss a review or a giveaway, and comment about it here, for 2 extra separate entries.

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8- Make a purchase at Squinkie Website and send me the link to your purchase and get 5 extra separate entries, use the comment section.

Thanks and good luck to everyone.

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