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Monday, September 27, 2010

Review of Stride panties and giveaway

This giveaway is closed

I was selected among some others lucky bloggers to review some stride underwear.

I'm 45 years old, and when I run, laugh, cough or sneeze, I get light leaks.
So I thought I was really lucky to get to try Stride Everyday panties.
I know that there are a big number of women that suffer light leaks out there.
Whether it’s a new mom looking for a cost-effective solution that helps her feel like a woman again, or an avid runner looking for comfortable protection while she’s on the treadmill, STRIDE Everyday offers a range of solutions for all kinds of women.
Besides all those pantyliner get to be really expensive and you know it can cost you over $130 a year.
And when you buy Stride everywhere panties you help reduce the billions of disposable pads and pantyliner sent to landfill every year.
The machine-washable panties feature patented multi-layer fabric technology, designed to wick away and absorb up to an ounce of moisture, and naturally deodorize for a fresh feeling all day long. The inner liner is leakproof and breathable to protect the most stylish outfits from “accidents”, whether it’s sweating during hot yoga, walking in the park or wearing a slinky little black dress.
That is the Oquos technology. See the video.
Free of seams, waistband or leg elastic, the Seamless panty is STRIDE Everyday’s most popular offering, providing discreet protection - eliminating the need for both pantyliner and panty lines.
STRIDE Everyday panties range in price from $19.99 to $24.99
I tell you I wore mine about 3 times before I wrote this review and I'm gonna buy myself 
6 more pairs so I have one each day. There are so comfortable to wear , you forget you're wearing something. It's really amazing.
This is all thanks to Wendy Spencer, the president and founder of Stride Everywhere.
It took a women to take care of a woman's problem.
You have a great selection to choose from :
you have a seamless panty, the mid rise brief, the lacy thong, the sport bikini and the French
cut brief.
So you have ample choices to make a wise purchase.
and be well fitted.

But the best part  is that you can win one pair of Stride Everywhere 
on Women-Prenuer Galore today.

Here's how you can win a pair of Stride Everywhere panties.

Must be US and Canada residents and must be 18 years old.
Please leave your email address in your comment sections if there are no email , how can I reach you, therefore; no email= no winner

Please read Giveaway Rules before entering this giveaway

This giveaway ends Oct 13th midnight.


1- What is the technology used in the Stride Everywhere panties that makes them keep you dry and comfortable: visit Stride Everywhere?

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