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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Kelly D Brown Shop Review And Giveaway.

Good afternoon  to  you,
Today I'll be reviewing a beautiful photography shop by the name of
This shop is filled with the most beautiful architectural, nature, animals and furry friends,s
and some to die for scenic pictures you have simply got to see.
Kelly sells her art in 4 X 6 up to 8 X 12 format prints
She also sells it in cards, in mini print collection, magnet collection and in framed prints.

Kelly was quite gracious and sent me a beautiful print of a cute marmotte which she encountered one morning on her routine walk, and so she gave it some peanuts and took some photographs of it while it was eating.
It it absolutely stunning, the clearlyness of the picture, God I wish I could take pictures like them professionals.  You can even see some peanuts leftover on it's nose and belly.  The way she shipped it to me, was great , because she put it between 2 sturdy pieces of cardboard so it protected the picture, and her business card accompanied the picture, that is also important for further purchases. She makes great packages and great shipping.  I give this shop a 10. All the way. Her shop is well sorted out, there is something for everyone, and it's very affordable.
I love her mini print collection and magnet collection, mainly because I love to put stuff on my fridge and I love minis and they make great last minutes small gifts and great stocking stuffers.
Going though KellyD Brown's shop is like traveling though different places for me.
I have a very bad back and we cannot afford traveling, so when I go through shops it givea me the chance to travel through time, places and sometimes even space.  I love my job. and today reviewing KellyD Brown's shop gave me the chance to go places and see some magnificient creatures and all the while staying at home.
And thanks to shops like hers they make us dream, and when we buy a print from these shops, that is exactly what we buy, a little pice of our special places that we call our dream place.

Thank you Kelly D Brown.

I've asked Kelly some questions so we'd get to know her more, so let's hear what she had to say::

1-What's your name and where are you from?
My name is Kelly. I was born and raised in Vancouver, BC and have been living in Montreal for the past 7 years. At the end of 2009, after completing a diploma in Digital Photographic Imaging at Concordia University, I decided to leave my full time job to (finally) pursue my dream of working in the arts.

2-What or who inspires you?
I'm inspired by a variety of things - architecture, mixed media, sculpture, film. I love flipping through design books, visiting art galleries or checking out the work of other artists on the web.

Lately I've been very drawn to clouds. The summer brings such gorgeous blue skies and intriguing cloud formations that I often find myself stopping and staring upward the moment I get outside. I'm sure people wonder what on earth I'm looking at!

3-What do you do when you’re not being an artist? What activities do you enjoy?
I love being outside enjoying nature - taking my bike along the Lachine canal or feeding squirrels and chipmunks at Mount Royal.

4-Which item in your shop did you enjoy making the most and why?
I recently started selling banners and avatars on Etsy, something I've been wanting to do for a while now. It allows me to express my creativity in a different way and keep up with my design skills.

5-Are there other places on the net we can find you?

Personal Website

6-Any advice you'd like to give any crafters that are reading?
Engage in social networking. Not only is it a great way to let people know about your product, it can also be a means of meeting other people you would probably not otherwise encounter.

let's  all thank Kelly D Brown for this great interview and for doing this giveaway,
She is giving away a 5 X 7 print to the winner's choice.

Here's how you can win 5 X 7 print from KellyD Brown.

Must be US and Canada residents and must be 18 years old.
Please leave your email address in your comment sections if there are no email , how can I reach you, therefore; no email= no winner

This giveaway ends Sept 21st midnight.

1- Visit KellyD Brown shop and  let me know which is your favorite print. (Mandatory) 

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8- Make a purchase at KellyD Brown shop and send me the link to your purchase and get 5 extra separate entries, use the comment section.

Thanks and good luck to everyone.
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