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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Review of Concord Soap Shop & Giveaway


You know, ever since I first tried handmade soap, about 2 years ago,
I have never bought commercial soap again.
Except for my husband, he just can't get use to anything else but his old Irish Spring.
I just hate it, I can't stand it anymore.
But that's his choice.
What I mean to say is that for me it was like the feeling of the handmade soap on my skin
felt so much better then commercial one, and it did not dry my skin at all like the commercial soap did.

With that said, today I'm reviewing some wonderful soap from Concord Soap shop.
A beautiful shop on Etsy  that sells more then just soaps.
First of all the owner is very kind and friendly, and her name i Melissa.
She sells  lotion sticks which is great if you're like me, whenever I come to pour lotion on my feet I always pour too much. With the lotion stick you always use only enough, so I find it's the practical type of lotion for clumsy people like me. lol...
She also sells,  delicious lip balms, bath salts & body powders, room sprays and linen waters.
You can also subscribe to a 6 or 12 months ''Soap Of The Month''  Subscription Club.

The pictures in her shop are very descriptive, as in we clearly see what we are buying.
Each item are very inviting too, it made me want to buy almost everything.
I know that I want to buy some room and linen spray, some body powder and a lotion stick.
You know when I review a product, I also will let you know about the way they pack their order and the way they ship.
Well with Concord Soap shop, no worries to have.
They pack with recycled packaging, which I always highly recommend, to leave the least imprint on this earth,  And as for the way she wrapped the order, it was beautifully done.
Sorry I forgot the pictures. But if I was to take all the pictures, it would take up too much space.
I got to review an almond/amaretto soap bar which was in a brown organza bag, and she also sent me a sample of ocean rain body butter and her business cards.
I give her a 10 for her packaging and shipping techniques.

As for the soap I reviewed, It smells heavenly, I love the almond and amaretto scent.
What a great match.
I love the way this soap gives a great lather without great effort.  That's what I love about certain
handmade soaps.  The way they lather extensively, I love that in a soap.
  Rich, thick lather, nice subtle scent that lingers on your skin after your bath.
Naturally, she has won a new customer.

Now let's learn a little more about The owner of Concord Soap Shop and the shop itself.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself?
My name is Melissa and I am the founder of The Concord Soap Company. I am 38 years old. My husband & I just celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary and our daughter just turned 10...woohoo...double digits! We live out in the country surrounded by woods and lots of wildlife in Northeast Ohio.

2. Apart from being ‘creative’ what do you do?
Like many other Moms, I chauffer my daughter from one activity to another until we're both exhausted! In our spare time, we are working feverishly to finish our basement ourselves. We are probably 75% done, with the remainder being my Soap Room! I am looking forward to having my very own kitchen, workroom & office in the basement! I think ALL of us are looking forward to soap production moving to the basement & out of the family kitchen!

3. What inspires you to do the kind of work you do?
My husband and I became interested in living as environmentally friendly as we could once we started our family. We are avid recyclers and are always trying to lessen our impact on the environment in as many ways as possible. We used cloth diapers on our daughter, carry our cloth bags when shopping, drive a hybrid car and just built our eco-friendly house! I have always been immersed in many different crafts. (usually all at once!) The blending of our natural living and my passion for crafts resulted in my interest in making handmade, natural soap for my new family. I began by making cold-process soap and then added other bath and body items to give out as holiday gifts. As you can guess, it snowballed from there! After many experiments and trials, I selected my favorite recipes and began my business adventure!

4. Do you look up to anyone? Who? Why?
My biggest inspiration has always been my grandfather. His life was a real rags-to-riches story. His ambition and drive were, and still are, inspiring to me. I like to think I get my strong work ethic from him. He was one of my earliest supporters & always loved to brag to anyone who would listen about how much he loved my soap! It's been difficult since losing him a couple years ago, but I am comforted by the thought of him looking over me & my business. My husband comes in a close second to grandpa. Josh has a great business mind & is wonderful to bounce ideas off of when needed. He is always there to give me a little push, a pep talk, stick labels on soap or even work craft shows!

5. What other passions do you have in your life?
My family is my biggest passion. I love supporting them. I love being a mother & watching my daughter grow, mature & succeed. We love to do anything as long as we are doing it together even if it is mudding/taping/sanding drywall! (yuck!) One passion that we enjoy is traveling. We've been on some amazing trips and seen some awesome sites! Josh & I have traveled internationally as well as many hiking trips where we roughed it for days & days. We now enjoy sharing our passion for traveling with our daughter. We are looking forward to taking her to our favorite hiking spots near Moab, Utah very soon.

6. What do you like most about Zibbet?
I LOVE the ease of listing items at zibbet. The process is streamlined very nicely. I also love that there are no listing fees here.

7. What ‘new’ things would you like to see added to Zibbet?
I am happy that the community area has been's an awesome addition! I think the major issue right now with zibbet is just that it needs to bring in shoppers. I know this takes time & I am happy to be here to watch it take off!

8. How do you promote your work?
I like to hang out in the Community area whenever I can get some free time & have joined some Groups. I love chatting with fellow artisans & have met some great people! I try to list new things often. I add my zibbet shop link to my biz cards, newsletters, brochures and anywhere else I can! I have a blog (that I don't update as often as I should) and all the other goodies like Twitter, Flickr, Project Wonderful, etc. I sell my goodies at local craft shows, Etsy, my own website, as well as Zibbet.

9. How would you recommend other Zibbeters make the most of
I like to do lots of research, but that's me. Browse around the site, check out your competitors, ask lots of questions...then dive in & be as active as possible! Zibbet has a lot to offer sellers as well as buyers! There is some amazing talent here!

10. In the future I’d like to be…
able to have an employee or two to 'watch the store' while I get some more travel time in with the family! And in the near future, I am hoping to grow my wholesale accounts, especially locally.

Melissa, is kind enough to giveaway one of my followers a
bar of soap worth $4.75 to the winner's choice of scent.

Here's how you can win this beautiful bar of soap.

Must be US and Canada residents and must be 18 years old.
Please leave your email address in your comment sections if there are no email , how can I reach you, therefore; no email= no winner

This giveaway ends Sept. 5th midnight.

1- Visit Concord Soap  shop and  let me know which is your favorite item. (Mandatory)

For extra entries

2-Blog about this giveaway on your blog or post a picture of it  and link it here in your side bar, comment about here,for an extra entry.

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8- Make a purchase at Concord Soap  shop and send me the link to your purchase and get 5 entries, use the comment section.

Thanks and good luck to everyone.
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