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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Review of Teddys Pride Probiotic Product

Good morning my dearest readers.
Today I'll be reviewing a wonderful product from Oragenics a bioparmaceutical company, that I've tried and tested on my 
4 dogs for bad breath.  And we all know that a lot of
our adorable pooches that we love to cuddle and smooch, tend to have 
bad breath  as soon as they get to be 2-3 years old,and sometimes before that, that's from my own experience,
I'm a shelter family for dogs  who have been abused.
I own 4 right now and they all have this problem.

So when I was offered to try the Teddys Pride  oral care product I was very excited.
As soon as the package arrived, I opened it and noticed that here were 2 containers
of Teddys Pride to work with.  So I was able to test the product on my 4 dogs for almost 2 months.
Once scoop full, once a day on their wet food at night.

Before I go to the result let me tell you about this Teddys Pride product.

First of all Teddys Pride has:
a key ingredient which is called ProBiora3, specially formulated for that special oral care needs
of cats and dogs. It combats destructive bacteria, keeping teeth white and freshens breath.
By binding to the teeth ProBiora3's beneficial bacteria leave no room or nutrients for the 
destructive bacteria to inhabit a healthy oral cavity.  The result is a reduction in the volatile sulfur compounds responsible for bad breath.

A by-product of the ProBiora3™ probiotics featured in Teddy’s Pride™ Oral Care is a low-dose, natural hydrogen peroxide. As these good bacteria are replenished daily, they create a gradual whitening effect with the full benefits of long contact times, delivering 24 hour per day coverage of balancing and brightening. Daily use of Teddy’s Pride™ Oral Care is the best solution for gently removing stains from pets’ teeth while naturally whitening them.
These studies took  more then 25 years. 

So as I was saying, about the results,
mine were very positive.
On 4 dogs I've had 3 dogs on which it worked great .
But I've got a very old dog that is 12 years old and I tell you her breath smells like 
something crawled in and died in there.  And to be honest the Teddys Pride did not seem to work on my old dog.  Maybe because she's too old and her teeth are really too far gone with plaque.
But as a finishing note I would say that this product would be perfect 
when started  early or until 7 years old, because for my dogs it worked great right up to 
that age. 

It is with confidence that I tell you to buy this Teddys Pride Product.
I am certain you will also enjoy it's effects on your dogs or cats.
You love hugging up to them after they have used Teddys Pride.

I also have something great for you.
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And tell me the name of the doctor that began studying probiotics at he Harvard-affiliated Forsyth Intitute in Boston, prior to joining the staff at the University of Florida.
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This contest runs till  March 2nd 2010 midnight.
Only Canadian and USA residents.
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Good luck to all
If you need anything please let me know.

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