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Friday, October 30, 2009

2009 XMAS ''BUY Handmade'' Shopping Guide

Hello, yes Xmas is right around the corner and I want you guys to join me in my first 2009 XMAS ''BUY Handmade'' Shopping Guide that I will promote everywhere for you so the readers and customers will see and then they will buy from you. Yes because Women-Prenuer Galore can also have it's own Shopping Guide and I must say that I've featured some of the best shops around , so I want to show them around. So here is what I need from you,
1- If your shop button is already on the left side bar then no problem you don't have to do anything I'll simply add your name to the list.
2- If you are not on the list and you own a shop and would like to be on our shopping guide list, fill in the form right here below.
This is what I will need from you,
your name,
your shop's name,
your shop's link
your email so I can send you an invoice for $4.00.
Thank you
I will post your shop's name and link as soon as I receive your payment.

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